What’s going on in the church wb 25th July

Sometimes construction is a bit prosaic, and this progress report is about things in the ground.  There is a new picture of the area surrounding the vault in the chancel which has how been cleared to put the capping stone to protect it (above), and one of the holes to be filled with concrete for the foundations of the steel frame (right) and one of the drain for the font (left).

Previously the font drained direct into the soil below the church, but things are done rather differently these days so the drain goes outside to a small soakaway outside the church.  The new position for the font is near the South Door, beneath  the window, where there will be more space for families to gather around during the Christening.

Our fund raising appeal is still very much open at – www.spaceforall.org.uk/supporting-the-project and there are lots more pictures.


Although the building itself is closed, worship continues in The Cornerstone on Sundays (8am, 9.30 and 11.15) and on weekdays (Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am and Thursday at 9 am) and the bell ringers have access to the tower.

There is still access to almost all the churchyard either through the lychgate in London Road or the double gate in Norreys Avenue. The memorials by The Cornerstone can be accessed from the Cornerstone south hall so long as that is not in use.  The only recent memorials that are only accessible by special arrangement are those by the vestry door. Please contact the Parish office if you would like to visit one on a special day.

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