What’s going on at the church this week?

Progress report – 9 June 2022

There was really no contest for the first picture for this week’s progress update – the lovely spacious entrance we will have to the church through the west door.  The stumps of the trees have now been ground out and it will look even better without them and, of course, without the Heras fencing.

The removal of the concrete slab that was below the floor continues, so another excuse for a Bob the Builder picture.  The massive waste containers on the Cornerstone apron are being filled at the rate of slightly more than one a day.


In the course of the work this week, the contractors have found a small vault under the chancel floor.  The archaeologist has come to inspect it, does not consider it of much significance and will report on all the details of size and position.  He did not find anything inside – sadly no treasure that would enable us to undertake all the phases of the spaceforall project now. But on the positive side, it will not hold up the work. In the absence of that treasure chest, we welcome more donations at www.spaceforall.org.uk/supporting-the-project or our Just Giving page here.

Although the building itself is closed, worship continues in The Cornerstone on Sundays (8am, 9.30 and 11.15) and on weekdays (Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am , Thursday at 9am) and the bell ringers have access to the tower.

There is still access to almost all the churchyard either through the lychgate in London Road or the double gate in Norreys Avenue. The memorials by The Cornerstone can be accessed from the Cornerstone south hall so long as that is not in use.  The only recent memorials that are only accessible by special arrangement are those by the vestry door. Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to visit one on a special day.


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