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Progress report  – 12th August  2022

We are relieved to have done one of the last bits of digging in the church without finding any more problems. This was the trench for the water pipe that runs diagonally from the vestry door where the supply comes in to building to the opposite corner where it is needed for the servery water supply.  Going round the outside would have been a much longer route.  The outside tap remains where it always has been – next the door.

A much bigger pipe has just been delivered to site – the big black one.  This will carry the heating pipe from the current outside toilet where the new boilers will be across the churchyard to the plant room.   There simply was not enough space to cram boilers as well as pumps and valves into the utility area – which also contains a sink and long worktop for the Flower Guild and cupboards for their stores and for cleaning materials.

Work has continued building up the floor but in the utility area we are still waiting for the steel frame so no floor there yet.  The frame was much delayed following the finding of the vault in that area.  The consequent delays will unfortunately add to the cost. So, how is the fund raising going?

  • We still need another £47,000 for the main appeal to meet our target and are really grateful for the great donations and all the hard work being put in to selling items for that. That will be enough to cover any increases ion cost we already know about.
  • For the chair appeal, our target is to fund 150 chairs and we have so far had donations for 29 – so quite a long way to go. Might you consider a donation of £268 towards that appeal?
  • The organ now has a firm £10,675 pledged and like the chairs that is about 20% of our target, which in this case is £48,000, and we also have the bonus of over £6,000 already in the fund for this.

The ways to give are slightly different for each fund so you really can be sure you are directing your gift, and they can all be found on the donations page of the spaceforall website.

Although the building itself is closed, worship continues in The Cornerstone on Sundays (8am, 9.30 and 11.15) and on weekdays (Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am and Thursday at 9 am) and the bell ringers have access to the tower.

There is still access to almost all the churchyard either through the lychgate in London Road or the double gate in Norreys Avenue. The memorials by The Cornerstone can be accessed from the Cornerstone south hall so long as that is not in use.  The memorials by the vestry door can only be accessed by special arrangement, but this is not impossible: several people have done so already. Please contact the Parish office if you would like to visit one on a special day.

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