What’s been going on in the church – wb 1st August

At last we are starting to build and material is being delivered to us rather than only being taken away. When the first really big load arrived, it was quite dramatic watching it being delivered – a lorry and trailer with 50 bags that could be lifted off four at a time by Hiab and just be squeezed into the compound in front of the Cornerstone.


And what was in the bags? It looks a bit like coke, but it is actually recycled glass.  What is it for?  It’s the insulating bed on which the underfloor heating pipes will be laid, followed by a lot of electrical conduit and floor boxes and then the limecrete screed and the floor itself.  This base is completely permeable which is essential in our old building. Its good to think that not only was most of the waste from the church recycled, but a very large volume that we are putting back is of recycled material.

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