Summer 2021 milestones reached in the spaceforall project

Rector of All Saints, Canon David Hodgson, writes about where we have reached in the fundraising and preparation for the spaceforall project by mid-summer 2021:

” In July we reached two important milestones in the spaceforall project.

Firstly, as firm as is possible a timetable has been agreed with our architects to work to a target of starting the spaceforall work as soon as the Christmas break is over. This is subject to reaching our target of successfully identifying contractors and letting the contract before the end of November. This also of course relies on the funds we have at our disposal being sufficient. There are still several unknowns therefore at this stage in the process, so whilst we have our timetable and our targets, events as they unfold will determine the eventual timetable.

Secondly, our funds secured for spaceforall have now nudged over 75% of the total needed to start the work. This was thanks to another recent grant from a grant-making trust to whom we had applied. The significance of reaching 75% is that there are now yet more grant-makers who will be willing to consider us because we have reached the threshold they prefer to work with. Every bit raised counts so if you are planning a fund-raising activity to benefit spaceforall, keep us up to date, use our dedicated JustGiving page to get started with your project, or if you’d like to develop your thoughts or want to help but are not sure how talk to us about that too.

What I want to emphasise is that as much as getting funds raised and starting the adaptation of our building has occupied many of our thoughts and prayers to date, spaceforall is a vision about the community in Wokingham and the positive opportunities and outcomes a community space at the church will bring to the community. So, we are on a journey of change and development as a church community. The work adapting our church building is really the beginning of that journey as we seek to realise the wider vision, we have of community renewal and well-being; as well as new ways of expressing church. In the meantime, there is much adaptation to assimilate as we go through the period of work on the church building when we will rely on The Cornerstone and online provision to sustain our gathering for worship

With all this in mind I would like now to see us as a church community renewing our focus on the vision and purposes for the new space. A key element of doing this renewal of focus will also be a re-dedication to praying for spaceforall. With that in mind our ministers’ team is looking at ways in which we can expand the opportunities to pray through the spaceforall project beyond the prayers we offer in our set services, important as those are.”

Date for your diary: Sunday 5th September at 9am – a meeting in the church dedicated to prayer for spaceforall

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