Garden furniture created with wood reclaimed from church refurbishments

A group of three men at All Saints Church have created an attractive range of  multi-purpose wooden garden furniture items, of timber reclaimed from part of the floor area of the church, before the builders moved in for the refurbishments.

David, Ian and Tom were part of the team of volunteers who helped strip the church of furnishings and some of the floor elements before the demolition sub-contractors moved in, cutting the net cost of the project by thousands of pounds. Now they are selling the furniture items, which they have designed and fashioned , to raise more money for the project.

Most of the initial items made for display have been sold but more will be made to order, until the stock of  recovered timber is finished.

To order items please contact the Parish Office by email or phone 0118 979 2797

Click here for more details including photos, size and weight and prices of the items.

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