Do you know anyone whose ancestors are memorialised on our walls?

We need to move three wall memorials

As part of the work for spaceforall, All Saints Church has found that three memorials now need to be moved. In each case these are very small changes, as can be seen from the pictures below, but we would still like to trace the descendants to discuss them further. The moves involve the following:

A small brass memorial to James Wheeler (died 1850), currently under the west window would be moved to the west of the window at the same height

White marble memorial to E,S and E Goodchild (died 1842 and relatives in following years to 1852), currently on the south wall would be moved to the immediately adjacent west wall and about 1 metre higher to put it on the same level as neighbouring memorials

Black marble memorial to Ann and William Baldwin and Thomas and Sarah Beard (died between 1755 and 1795) which has been hidden on the west wall of the choir vestry by the mezzanine and would be moved upwards 2 metres so that it can be seen properly from the new mezzanine level.

If anyone reading this can put us in touch with any of the descendants of these people, we would like to talk them about these moves which will give their memorials good prominence in the newly refurbished church.
These moves supplement many others which were published in the magazine, our regular e-news and the local paper before the building work started, and for which we managed to trace one
descendant, who was enthusiastic about a move to a better position. It is only since the work started that it has become apparent that we need to move these additional memorials and we are
hopeful that we may again trace at least one descendant.

Please contact  by email here if you can help or phone the Parish Office on 0118 979 2797

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