The plans for the building

To realise our vision, we will refurbish the whole building, add a new room between the church and The Cornerstone and repair our roof.

The work will include:

  • Replacing the fixed pews with stackable chairs and laying a stone floor with underfloor heating to open up a large flexible space.
  • Screening off the chapel in the south-east corner with its own external entrance to create a quieter area for prayer.
  • Installing toilets, sink and storage in the area currently used as a choir vestry and creating a new room above for the choir and for meetings.
  • Upgrading lighting and audio-visual systems and replacing the current organ, which no longer functions properly.
  • Repairing the pillars, nave roof, rainwater goods and drainage.
  • Providing a new entrance on the north side with level access and automatic doors.
  • Retaining the current entrance below the tower but removing the unsafe cobbles and widening the paved area outside .
  • Building a new self-contained room at the north east end of the church for multiple uses. It will be accessible from the church and linked to The Cornerstone by a new covered walkway.

A plan of the proposed changes


The impact of the COVID crisis:

The COVID crisis has increased the need for refurbishing the church to provide a safe community space and challenged our fundraising. This is not a comfortable position. We have found a solution that should enable us to bring forward the main part of the building work and complete the key elements of the work ideally by the end of 2021.  It’s a tall order but with hard work and generosity, we believe it can be achieved.

The new phased programme is to do the work as follows:

  1. Essential elements of the church refurbishment to provide the community space, including new floor and heating, utility area and mezzanine, servery and toilets, and the north door. These are shown in blue on the plan in the plan.
  2. A package of less critical elements, such as new furniture, which could be done later if funding does not permit them to be done with the main contract.
  3. Roof repair – ideally full replacement and insulation or, if necessary, just patching – and solar PV, in either case subject to planning and faculty.
  4. New parish room and walkway as shown in red on the plan
  5. New organ installation, though we will have a temporary organ in the meantime.

Item 1 will be done first but otherwise numbering is not necessarily representative of the order in which items will be done:  funding will be a key consideration.

This is a really significant change and a massive challenge, but the team are convinced that it is the only way we will get even part of our dream.


September 2020 Apply for faculty – i.e. the Diocese permission to do the work
December 2020 Go out to contractors for tender prices
January 2021 Review money raised compared with contractor prices
Spring 2021 Let the contract and start work
Rest of 2021 40 week contract period
Working on currently Applying for grant funding and waiting for granting of the faculty (final permission from the church authorities)  for changes to the building






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