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A Message from  The Reverend Canon David Hodgson Rector of All Saints Wokingham


I am delighted to welcome you to these webpages about

I hope you will be inspired by this exciting vision for the future role of All Saints Church in the town of Wokingham.

The spaceforall project will realise the vision of a new community space for the growing population here. A wide range of people and groups will meet in a safe and welcoming environment. Whilst retaining its role as a place of worship this spacious church building will be turned into an accessible and flexible public meeting space, a functioning venue for cultural and educational events, and a centre for discovering our local heritage.

It will provide a much-needed facility in this community and guarantee the church building’s value and importance to the future life of the town.

The impact of coronavirus

Coronavirus has changed our lives and our thinking. At first, I thought it would have a completely negative impact on the achievement of the spaceforall project.

But now we know much more about the impact of the pandemic on our communities and our likely future needs.

Instead of stepping back, we have decided to step forward and become part of the answer to meeting our community’s needs in this new situation. A spacious and flexible community space for this part of Wokingham is needed more than ever, in a world where periods of social distancing may be a feature in the future and with a growing trend to stay local as we all try to achieve the goal of a carbon zero way of life.

Our plan going forward

Our plan is to phase the project. Phase 1 will create the accessible and flexible community space as urgently as possible. It will include the essential elements to achieve this. Our goal is to start the work early in 2022, as soon as funds are sufficient to let the contract. The other elements in the full plan, such as the new parish room, will be in later phases.

We know spaceforall will create new opportunities for the community here. It will make a huge difference to the well-being of many people in challenging times. It will secure the future of this church building as a vibrant focus and invaluable asset for the town’s community life in decades to come. We have the opportunity now to step forward and to make a lasting and beneficial contribution to the lives of our present and future neighbours. Please join us.

Canon David Hodgson, Rector

A prayer for

Almighty God, who first inspired the people of Wokingham

to start the building of our beautiful church more than 800 years ago,

inspire and direct us now to provide a building fit to worship you and

serve our community in the 21st century. Amen.

















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