Soulscape thanks All Saints church for support

Soulscape the youth support charity working in Wokingham secondary schools and supported by Wokingham churches has thanked All Saints Church for its donation of £2000. The grant is part of the support that All Saints Church gives to both local and global organisations that carry out mission and social action work in line with, or as an extension of,  its own activities as a church.

Nick Barnett CEO of Soulscape said “Can I please take this opportunity to thank you and the fellowship at All Saints Church for your very kind donation to Soulscape of £2,000.The past two years have been quite challenging for us, as we had to realign many of our projects to fall in line with the school closures. That said, we are now able to be present in schools and the demand for our services has never been greater. During last year we delivered approximately 75% of our entire year’s projects, reaching out to over 5000 young people in and around Wokingham!Your continued financial support has helped us to make this possible, and so thank you on behalf of the team at Soulscape and the young people of Wokingham.”.

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