Scientist to talk about the delusion of “self” at All Saints Church

Reading University Professor of Ecology Tom Oliver will talk about his compelling new book at All Saints Church in March. In the book, The Self Delusion: the surprising science of how we are connected and why that matters, Professor Oliver draws on what scientists now know about how connected our bodies and our brains are to billions of the other living organisms inside us and around us. He shows that our familiar notion of ourselves as individual selves, captains of our own fates, is a delusion. It’s been a useful delusion for our evolutionary rise as a species,  and it’s a delusion that’s been ruthlessly exploited by our modern consumerist economies, but it is no longer fit for purpose in the face of the new global challenges. Tom Oliver argues passionately that we need a new mindset which reflects reality and equips us to tackle our planetary emergency and thrive in the future.

Canon David Hodgson, Rector of All Saints  Church said: ” We are delighted to be hosting this event in conjunction with Waterstones Bookshop Wokingham. We want to see the church used more widely for all kinds of events. Personally I’m fascinated by the ideas Tom Oliver writes about because he is coming from a scientific perspective to an understanding which others arrive at from a religious perspective.  To tackle the climate emergency and restore our relationship with the earth as a species we need to live in a more connected way, in a more unified way, be more together, with one another and with the rest of nature. As well as the talk from Tom Oliver introducing the ideas, I’m looking forward to a really stimulating discussion. Come and join in.”

Admission is free and there is no obligation to buy Professor Oliver’s book. However, signed copies will be available supplied by Waterstones.

The event starts at 7.30pm on Monday 9th March 2020 in All Saints Church Wokingham. To guarantee your seat please register your attendance here, or just email to let the venue know you are coming.

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