Rector’s message 3rd March 2023


See the progress  on spaceforall works for yourself and reflect on the benefits of the work

Come along to the spaceforall open morning tomorrow Saturday 10am – 12 noon and see for yourself the progress on the project. Full details here.

Fund-raising is continuing to reach the £120,000 target we set last Autumn. Already £70,000 has been raised so we only have another £50,000 to go!  A huge thank you to those who have given so generously already. Our fund-raising team will be sharing some ideas later this month for special activities you could get involved with to raise funds as we move into Spring.  In the meantime if you have any ideas for fund-raising activities and can gather people around you to put them into action , I would love to hear about it.

The building works are obviously a big focus right now but let’s remember the purpose of the changes to the church.  By making these changes to the building we are making a real difference to our whole community here in Wokingham. The town will  have an amazing new space for lots of different activities and events , available for  people to meet , for community groups to host events, for arts and cultural events right on our doorsteps.  It will be flexible, accessible, warm, and welcoming. All kinds of events will take place as well as continuing to serve as a church and a  home for worship too.  So think of your donation not only as securing the future of a building – which it is – but also making a real and lasting contribution for the future well-being of the people of Wokingham.




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