Rector denounces racist tweets by President Trump

Rector of All Saints, Canon David Hodgson has added his voice to the denunciation of US President Trump’s recent tweets calling on four women, elected US senators, of minority ethnic heritage “to go back home”. At a recent mid-week service reflecting on the gospel set for the day, in which Jesus denounced cities for refusing to repent when confronted with the truth about themselves, Canon Hodgson said: “Jesus denounced the unacceptable attitudes and actions of the leaders of his day to warn people from being deceived and misled by those in leadership in society when what they say and do is unacceptable…there is a rightful place and at times a necessary place for Christian people to denounce wrongdoing and those who persist in it without recognising God’s claim upon them to be compassionate, just and truthful and to repent.”

You can listen here to Canon David Hodgson’s reflection on Matthew 11: 20-24

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