Pray in May for spaceforall

A prayer we may use as a church community

Lord, as Covid-19 rates fall in our country and vaccine protection expands we give you thanks.
We thank you for all health professionals, all care workers and key workers, and all volunteers
who have throughout this pandemic given their skills, their time and their energies with so much
care and courage.
We pray that all areas of the world will quickly receive full vaccine protection.
Lord, we look forward to community events and activities being restored in Wokingham.
We pray that you will help us turn our thankfulness into generous response.
Help us as a church community to give what is needed.
May we make space for all and bless our local area with a church building where neighbours can
meet and needs can be met. Amen


A personal prayer to use before donating

Lord, I know that this is the moment of opportunity to create an open accessible community space
in the church building. Thank you for the members of our community who have given so
generously to date. It is wonderful some have had the willingness and the opportunity to give a
significant amount.
Lord, help me to pray and reflect about my contribution. Help me I pray to know how strongly I feel
about spaceforall and how much of a blessing I believe it will be to my neighbours both within our
church community and beyond. Help me to know how willing and able I am to give a significant
amount which reflects the importance I feel this project has. Amen

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