Parishioners surprised as detective interrupts sermon

Worshippers at a recent Parish Communion service were surprised when detective “Peter Barrett- Holmes”  aka Peter Barrett, interrupted the sermon to explain he was looking for God and what God is doing now in Wokingham, so that we can join in.

Peter explained about the four holy habits which help us  to join in with what God is doing :

Hospitality (welcoming the stranger )

Dwelling in the Word (reading the Bible in groups and talking to one another about what you read)

Dwelling in the World (looking and listening, noticing God at work…finding partners of peace)

Announcing God’s kingdom (talking about what you see God is doing).

After the talk a comic book (Peter is holding in the photo) “What is God up to now in Wokingham?” was given out to the congregation.

Each person at church was given a form to write down something God is doing in their lives and invited to hand the forms in on the collection plate at church.

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