Our Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a body of people which co-operates with the minister (the Rector in the case of All Saints Wokingham) to promote the whole mission of the church in the parish in all its aspects; pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.

It is the duty of the minister and the PCC to work together. PCC members are charity trustees. Churches are charitable bodies and some churches, like All Saints, because its annual financial turnover is above a certain threshold, are registered charities. The PCC  is a body corporate in its own right; it has a legal status to which attach certain rights and duties.

The PCC appoints a Standing Committee of at least five people, which includes the minister and churchwardens, to carry out PCC  business between the meetings of the PCC according to any directions given by the PCC.

The PCC  is made up of different groups as follows;

  • all the clergy (and any lay workers) officially licensed to the parish (At All Saints this is Canon David Hodgson the Rector, and The Revd Hannah Higginson, the Associate Priest. We have no licensed lay workers.)
  • the churchwardens (At All Saints there are three churchwarden positions, currently only two are filled, by Clive Charlton and Alun James)
  • one or more of any lay readers (LLMs) licensed to the parish (At All Saints we have no licensed lay readers or LLMs currently)
  • lay members of the deanery synod, diocesan synod or General Synod (At All Saints we have 5 members of the deanery synod)
  • the elected lay representatives (At All Saints we have 12 people elected by the church membership to the PCC)
  • up to 2 persons co-opted to be members  by the PCC (At All Saints we frequently use one of these places to co-opt The Revd Colin James, who does not qualify to be elected nor is officially licensed to the parish, though supporting the parish in many ways)


The membership of the PCC of All Saints Wokingham with effect from the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 13th October 2020 is: 


  • The Reverend Canon David Hodgson, Rector, Chair of PCC (licensed clergy)  
  • The Reverend Hannah Higginson, Associate Priest (licensed clergy) 
  • The Reverend Colin James, Honorary Priest (honorary priest co-opted) 


  • Clive Charlton (churchwarden – until September 2021)
  • Alun James (churchwarden – until April 2022)      

(3rd churchwarden post vacant)

 Deanery Synod representatives 

  • Peter Barrett (Deanery Synod member) 
  • John Boylan (Deanery Synod member) 
  • Anne King (Deanery Synod member) 

(2 Deanery Synod representative posts vacant) 

 12 representatives elected from the membership of the church: 

  • John Burbury  
  • Hazel Todd 
  • Geoff Davies 
  • Maggie Davies
  • Liz Edge 
  • Michael Freeman 
  • Jonathon Helyer 
  • Rachel Knowles  
  • Zara Ross 
  • Stephen Smith 
  • Robert Vacher 
  • Matthew Woodham           

Member of church co-opted:

  • none

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