Next Grave Talk Session 23rd June

The next Grave Talk session is happening on Friday 23rd June 1 30pm – 3pm in the West Hall at the Cornerstone, Norey’s Avenue – please join us!

Our culture puts a taboo around the subject of death. Lots of us avoid the subject and then struggle when we are bereaved or dying. Lots of us have no idea what sort of funeral our loved one would really like. We then have to deal with these decisions when we are most vulnerable. It doesn’t have to be like this if we are more open and start to break down the taboo.

The idea is to get us talking about our feelings around the loss of a loved one, our own death, grief, what a ‘good’ funeral means to us etc. The hope is that taking part in the discussion will get us thinking and talking to our loved ones about our feelings and our ideas about funerals. This way, when the time comes, and we are feeling so vulnerable, we will already know what we, and they, would choose.

The session is a guided conversation over tea / coffee and cake, in a relaxed, social setting, using prompt cards that cover 5 themes: life, death, society, funerals and grief. Tea and cake is an essential part!

If you have already been to a session, please feel free to join us again – every session is different – and perhaps bring a friend or relative with you.

Despite the name, it isn’t about graves and it isn’t a grave subject either – we have fun. Why not come to find out more?

All Welcome! Please confirm your place via the Parish Office on 0118 9792797

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