As a church we have committed to take action in response to the climate emergency.

We call upon others as well as ourselves to take fresh and urgent steps to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

The main ways we can do this are:

  • by reducing and eliminating as quickly as possible, our use of fossil fuels in the running of our church properties and our own household energy and transportation needs
  • supporting and joining communal and civil society actions to call upon governments, and corporate organisations globally to do all in their power to switch all economic activities to a carbon-free and circular method of operating

What are we doing as a church right now?

– Our electricity is supplied from renewable sources; and we host an array of solar panels on The Cornerstone
– We maintain our 4- acre churchyard in ways which encourage biodiversity and we are developing projects to better understand, conserve and promote the biodiversity
– We observe the Season of Creation as a church and regularly encourage reflection, prayer, thought and action on environmental sustainability issues
– We run an Instagram account about climate matters
– We have supported Soulscape in their climate action project CARE at local secondary schools.
– We held an online Climate Emergency workshop in summer 2020 and we have a  Climate Action Group. Read more…

Our Parochial Church Council has made the following statement of commitment.

We acknowledge that we are in a climate emergency and we agree to take serious steps to respond in the following ways:

– to do all that we can as trustees of this church to reduce further and significantly the carbon emissions of the plant and activities of All Saints Church

– in our worship, prayer, teaching and mission as a church to encourage creative and imaginative responses to the climate crisis

– to consider our own personal lifestyle choices, and urge others to encourage theirs, and do all that we can to reduce our own carbon emissions

– to advocate for urgent and effective responses to the climate crisis, supporting as far as we can those agencies such as Christian Aid which advocate on a wider canvas.

Climate Emergency Action Group

A few months ago we held an online Climate Workshop, with the opportunity to hear about what is happening locally and in the church to tackle the climate emergency. We also spent time in groups discussing what our role as a church is in taking action, and what changes we might make as individuals.
It seems a good time to reflect on what came out of this workshop and to move things forward. As a result, we are looking to form a Climate Emergency Action Group – with people from within our
church to discuss the ideas that came out of the workshop further, and to start to implement some of them.
Please contact Canon David Hodgson if you would like to be involved

We are part of the Diocese of Oxford’s action on the climate emergency

Visit the Diocese of Oxford’s EcoHub for more information

Some recent sermons at All Saints on climate and the environment

Our care for the earth – Sermon by The Reverend Colin Janes 4th October 2020. Listen here. 

Moved to action – Sermon by The Reverend Hannah Higginson on Harvest Festival Sunday 2020 Listen here

Protesting God’s economy – Sermon by The Reverend Canon David Hodgson during the Season of Creation 2020 Listen here

Climate Change Sunday – Sermon by The Reverend Canon David Hodgson at the start of the Season of Creation 2020 Listen here

Living in peace with nature in order to live in peace with God – Sermon by The Reverend Canon David Hodgson – World Environment Sunday 2020. Listen here

God is like us – Sermon by The Reverend Colin James on our responsibilities to care for God’s creation.  Listen here

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