Mothers Union

Mothers’ Union is an international organisation of 4 million Christians in over 80 countries who give money, time, experience and prayer to support marriage and family life.  They share a vision of a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships: reaching out to communities they change lives and bring hope.

Each member is committed to achieving this vision through our objectives:

  • Promoting and supporting married life
  • Encouraging and equipping parents in their role to develop the faith of their children
  • Being a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service
  • Campaigning for conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children
  • Helping those whose family life has met with adversity

We are primarily a movement of volunteers who partake in worship, prayer and fellowship; and who work in or contribute to projects and programmes to help encourage and support families and marriages.

At All Saints, our branch meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month (except for December and August) at 7.45 pm for 8.00 pm in the De Vitre room at the Cornerstone and our programmes include a range of speakers on a variety of topics.  We also welcome non-members as visitors who are asked to contribute a modest fee.

A July Garden Party

We organise an occasional afternoon meeting for some of our younger members and for those who prefer an afternoon, as well as Bring and Share lunches with Wednesday Mums.  We enjoy an annual dinner together and raise funds for various Mothers’ Union projects through cake stalls, tea parties and other activities.

The projects include AFIA, a fund to provide short holiday breaks to needy families, Wheels, a fund to provide transport, often bicycles, for workers who need to travel between communities, especially in Africa.  These funds support the aims of Mothers’ Union “to help communities and individuals improve their lives through education in parenting, literacy and numeracy skills, family life and community development”.

Several members of our branch were trained by the MU and have provided parenting courses.  Currently we hold occasional workshops on parenting for young mothers in our congregation.

MU members are asked to pay an annual subscription, at present £25.50, which is sent via the Diocese to Mary Sumner House for the administration of their work both here and abroad.  Additionally, our branch asks for a levy of £5 which includes a subscription to our Deanery as well as to help with our administration costs such as the provision of Baptism Anniversary cards.  Families are invited to the appropriate Family service where there is a “Happy Baptism Birthday” ceremony with their Baptism candles.  This has encouraged several families to attend the Family services on a regular basis and all those invited receive their Baptism cards.  The levy also helps with speakers’ fees and basic costs such as postage and refreshments.

One of our projects for 2017 aims to engage all members of All Saints – a photographic competition with photos  depicting interesting churches from around the world.  We hope that the congregation will spot an interesting church while on holiday and entries will be submitted in early September.

The Mothers’ Union is open to both men and women regardless of age or relationship status.

For more information please contact the parish office on 0118 979 2797 or contact us here

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