Prayer & Healing Ministry

A prayer and healing ministry is provided at All Saints.  This ministry of listening and prayer consists of several different parts.

Healing Prayer Group

There is a Healing Prayer group that meets once a month to pray for anyone who feels in need of prayer. Members of this group pray regularly for those on this list. It is totally confidential and anyone can ask a member of the clergy or contact the parish office to put their name on the list, or the name of someone they know who needs prayer.

Listening and Prayer Ministry

Another part of this ministry is the team offering listening and prayer ministry after the 9.30am service on Sunday mornings. After the service one or two members of the team will be in the Lady Chapel available to listen and pray with anyone who feels they would like prayer. Being listened to can be the start of a healing process. Again, this is totally confidential.

Laying on of Hands at our Healing Services

We also provide a team that is available with the clergy for the Laying on of Hands at our Healing services.  These take place on the 3rd Sunday of alternate months at the 9.30am parish communion service and at a 6.30pm evening service on the fourth Sunday of the alternate month.


The Christian Healing Ministry is about wholeness of body, mind and spirit,

Healing is through the grace of God.

All members of the team have received relevant training.



The Prayer Cross

Just inside the main entrance to the church there is a cross where visitors may add prayer requests on small cards. These are prayed through by one of our priests each week.

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