Fundraising Appeal launches for spaceforall project

All Saints Church is launching the fundraising appeal to its community for the spaceforall project. The plan is to repair and revitalise the church building and its grounds and create a new community hub and centre for the arts, culture and local heritage, as well as a place of worship adapted to Wokingham’s 21st century needs.

The £3 million project seeks to raise £800,000 of the funding from individual donors over the next 2 years.

Canon David Hodgson, Rector of the church, said: “After a three-month-long period of prayer and preparation, we have reached the time when, as ordinary individuals, we need to do the extraordinary thing of making significant donations to this project. Please join me in this work of building the support and the funds we need to realise our vision.”

A brochure outlining the case for the project and the appeal is available in the church or online.

To download the brochure and see ways to give visit the spaceforall project webpage here

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