Coronavirus forces a new way of being the church

All the church services and other gatherings have been suspended until further notice. This is a national policy.  Read the letter from the Archbishops of Canterbury & York here.

We are showing videos of church services appropriate for each Sunday and other worship resources on our website  here

Please visit this page often for regular updates and resources.

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Lastest update Tuesday 17th March 2020 – 5.35pm

Supporting and caring for one another.

The church building will be opened each day for private prayer.

The Parish Office is physically closed but emails and messages are being monitored by our Acting Parish Administrator working from home.

Remember the church never closes because the church is the community of people and we are able to keep in touch with one another and support one another throughout this crisis.

During this time please keep in touch with your church friends and neighbours you know by phone and encourage each other. Perhaps you could set up a small group – 3 or 4 – if not already set up- of your closest friends in the church community – to phone each other regularly, have a good chat, pray together on the phone, share positive messages etc.. Those who are members already of small groups or house groups could also make similar arrangements amongst themselves.

Please let us know if you would like to receive a regular check-in phone call from one of our clergy or pastoral care team. Complete the form lower down this page and send it.

We have a team of 20 people including our priests who are already experienced in listening and support ministry and all DBS checked etc

We have set up a dedicated phone number (available on request =- see the form below)  to use if you would to talk to a member of the clergy or one of our pastoral care teams – just for a chat, to request prayer, to hear another voice – no need to have a definite request in order to call us. We will guarantee a return call the same day if the line is busy.

As a church, we are in frequent contact with other churches and other charities and statutory agencies in the Borough. We can signpost you to sources of practical help or specific advice if you are stuck.

Sadly, of course, it will not be possible for the clergy or pastoral care teams to make personal pastoral visits to people who are officially self-isolating. The phone will be a great help.

Practical support for people and families self-isolating, and if schools close, is also a concern for us as a church community. The clergy are in touch with other churches and with community bodies including the local council and a plan for wider community support with churches’ and others’  involvement will be emerging soon


Prayer and worship

Once our church services are suspended we will continue to make video and audio broadcasts and podcasts of prayers and thoughts available via our website and our podcast channel (available on most platforms)

The Church of England centrally has a range of prayers and spiritual material on its website, there are prayers for the current situation  and you can join in with daily prayer by clicking here


Parish Communion Service - return to 9.30am?

We are considering returning to the original time of 9.30 am for our Sunday Parish Communion services. We would like to ask your opinion and if you have any thoughts you would like to share with us about this. Thank you.
Please use the space below to give your answer; yes, no or don't mind and any other comments you have.





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