Churchwardens and members of Parochial Church Council for 2017

Wokingham’s  Annual Church Meeting took place on 30th April .

Churchwardens Clive Charlton and Geoff Davies were re-elected to serve for a further year and there were new members elected to the PCC.

This is the list of all PCC members for 2017

Beneficed and Licensed Ministers – Ex Officio
Reverend Canon David Hodgson – Rector
Reverend Anna Harwood – Associate Rector
3 Churchwardens
Geoff Davies — Berkshire Division
Clive Charlton — Town Division
Vacancy for Wiltshire Division
Maximum of 2 Co-opted Members are appointed by PCC annually
Reverend Colin James  Term ends April 2018
5 Deanery Synod Members – Elected 30th April 2017 Term ends April 2020
Anne King
Judith Scott
Peter Barrett
John Smith
Stephen Smith
12 Representatives of laity of the parish
Joyce Baldry  Term ends April 2018
Rachel Knowles Term ends April 2018
Pat Axford Term ends April 2019
Ian Brooks  Term ends April 2019
Paul Armitage  Term ends April 2020
Graham Leeson  Term ends April 2020
Kevin Wernham  Term ends April 2020
Lucy Herd  Term ends April 2018
Jennifer Pierce Term ends April 2019
Robert Vacher Term ends April 2020
Matthew Woodham  Term ends April 2018
John Boylan Term ends April 2019

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