Fighting oppression and bondage in Asia

Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker is a local partner supported by the Church Mission Society “I partner with local organisations to share God’s love and inner healing with survivors of human trafficking.” Helen has a heart to see God’s people live an abundant life free from oppression and bondage. Her passion is to delve deeper into the area … Read more

What can we learn from the stories of Jesus’ birth?

All Saints Church invites you to a short course of study and reflection on the stories of the birth of Jesus looking at the different accounts in the gospels.   Discover how and why the stories are different between gospels and what this might help us to understand? Do the stories have anything to inform … Read more

How faith improves life

Read here what Fabrice Muamba, Bolton Wanderers midfielder says about faith in his life, after his heart stopped for 78 minutes during a televised football match in March 2012.

How can we pray?

Watch this video of Christians talking about how and when they pray and how important it is to them. Can prayer be woven through the whole of our lives? This video is a resource for the Pilgrim course “Church and Kingdom” which All Saints Church will be running in September and October 2019 BACK to … Read more

What do Christians believe anyway?

Watch this short video of ordinary Christians answering that question “What do Christians believe?” What do you believe?         BACK to FINDING FAITH page

Exploring your faith? Find out more here about the Pilgrim courses we use

Watch this video about Pilgrim courses. This year All Saints Church will be running two courses including the starter course “Turning to Christ ” which looks at the basic questions you may have about Christianity.   What is Pilgrim? from Pilgrim Course on Vimeo. BACK to FINDING FAITH page

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