A meditation for the General Election

How to vote in this General Election

Rector of All Saints Wokingham, Canon David Hodgson, has issued a meditation for the General Election.  He said: ” I wanted to offer some help, in a non-partisan way, to those who hold a Christian faith, about what considerations we might want to involve in our decision about how to vote in this General Election.  I want to encourage everyone, first of all, to go and vote; and secondly to think through carefully before making the decision. Faithful Christians will come to a range of different decisions about who to vote for and that is right. What I’m offering are some considerations to feed into those personal decisions which all Christians could consider because they are common aspects of the faith we share together. My thoughts have been stimulated and informed by the earlier speech of the Bishop of Oxford who talked about how to pray for the general election.” (Bishop of Oxford’s speech here).

Read the meditation here: How to vote in this General Election?


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