Rector’s message 31st March 2023

Palm Sunday celebrations this year If you are able please join in the Palm Procession this year. Once again we will have a donkey leading the procession. This will help to remind us of the events of the first Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem not as a warrior -king , but as a … Read more

What’s been happening in the church this week?

Progress report – 31st  March 2023 It’s coming up to Easter which was traditionally a time for Baptism, so this e-news is a special focus on the font. It used to be something that we squeezed past when collecting books and got in the way when lost of people were leaving after a busy service. … Read more

Rector’s message 24th March 2023

Help out as we look forward to celebrating completion of the spaceforall works As Anne King writes in the spaceforall progress report this week we are seeing more clearly now when the final elements of the spaceforall works will be completed. We have set a date for a celebration service with the Bishop of Oxford … Read more

The Big One!

(info from Will you be one of 100,000 people surrounding the Houses of Parliament to demand action on the climate emergency? The biggest climate protest yet is taking place from 21st April – 24th April. Join Christian Climate Action as they take a stand against fossil fuel company greed and government inaction – which is … Read more

What’s been going on in the church this week?

Progress report – 24th March 2023 The decorators have now nearly finished and stone is laid in the utility area and porch.  The font and pulpit are both in place though there is still some restoration work to do on both. The joinery that many people saw stacked in the Lady Chapel is now mostly … Read more

Rector’s message 17th March 2023

Church is for all ages Mothering Sunday at church is a good time to be reminded that a church is an all age community – it is intergenerational. Often different age groups are separated out in our society but church is a place where people come together for a common purpose whether 9 years or … Read more

What’s been happening in the church this week?

Progress report – 17th March 2023 The decorators are now making good the chancel arch where the big organ speakers were located.  Our new instrument will have much smaller speakers – such is the advance of technology. That pile of kitchen units on the lady Chapel has now grown – it has been supplemented with … Read more

Rector’s message 10th March 2023

Easter with All Saints Church  2023 This year our services for Holy Week and Easter will be celebrated in The Cornerstone as the church will not yet have re-opened by that time. The first of our special events will  be the Palm Sunday Procession with donkey on Sunday 2nd April. For the full details of … Read more

What’s been happening in the church this week?

Progress report – 11th March 2023 Over 80 people came last Saturday to see progress for themselves.  Since then the ground workers have been on site again lowering the path outside the new entrance so it is at the same level as the floor inside.  Rather than more than half a metre deep of tarmac, … Read more

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