What’s happening in the church this week?

Progress to date – 31 May 2022 The report is rather short this week because of the holiday at the end of it. Real demolition has begun in earnest with the concrete slab now being broken up. The waste is then taken in a very small dumper truck to the very big waste container on … Read more

Rector’s message 27th May 2022

The work in the church for  spaceforall is well underway. See a new photo and read all about progress each week in our spaceforall update in this newsletter. Some people in the community are only just becoming aware of the project now that the work has started. We will be having more photos and information … Read more

What’s going on in the church this week?

Progress to date – 26 May 2022 There is progress both inside and outside – mainly careful removal, but demolition of the floor slab has now started as well.   All the waste is sorted and a glance through the Heras fencing reveals separate piles of metal and stone.  Inside the church are separate bags of … Read more

What is going on in the church now?

Progress to date – 20 May 2022 Its beginning to look much busier in and around the church.  The most obvious indicator of progress is the massive waste container outside The Cornerstone. Sadly much of the floor has to be thrown away but we have recovered: grilles which are now decorating walls and gardens around … Read more

Rector’s message 20th May 2022

Congratulations and thank you to our newly-elected churchwardens and PCC and Deanery Synod members. At our Annual Church meeting last Sunday Alun James was elected to serve as churchwarden for a further year, and John Burbury was  appointed as a new churchwarden. Beatrice Smiles and David Oliver were newly elected as PCC members; and Michael … Read more

Rector’s message 13th May 2022

This Sunday 15th May it is the Annual Church Meeting. It will take place in person in The Cornerstone main hall at 11am. This is when we meet as a church together to hear from our Parochial Church Council (PCC), which is the church’s governing and trustee body;  and talk about  what it has done … Read more

What is going on in the Church now?

Progress to date – 13 May 2022 Our contractors have now been on site for three weeks.  The most visible work so far is the Heras fencing around the church.   This will move around a bit as trenches are dug and other storage areas may be created.  There will always be access to most of … Read more

Cleaner for The Cornerstone

We are looking for someone to clean The Cornerstone in Norreys Avenue Wokingham. The hours are 1.5 to 2 hours daily, between 7am – 9am. The days are to be agreed and would be between 3 – 6 days per week. If you are interested please send an email to Amanda Lambourne, Cornerstone Manager, at … Read more

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